Whole Foods

enable my main vice (ie: healthy, kinda overpriced snacks)


contribute to my fall wardrobe or next pair of Jimmy Choos :)


my second favorite sweat-session 


 so that I can be all dolled up for our night on the town 

American Airlines* 

support my infinite wanderlust & next getaway

*please inquire for private email this card should be sent to

Amazon Wishlist (home goods, gadgets, & misc)

Giftly (designer clothes, shoes, etc!)


Flowers: Venus Et Fleur Roses, Peonies .. or better yet, potted plants for my apartment! 

Candles: Diptyque & Jo Malone 

 Jewelry: Tasteful, Simple, & in Gold 

Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Prada, Manolo Blahnik | Size 7.5

Handbags: Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Chloe

Drinks: Wine! I'm partial to full-bodied, rich reds wines and bright, crisp white wines.

 Lingerie: 36C, Medium (Agent Provocateur: 34E + Sz 3)

Clothing: For gentlemen who love fashion, I suggest planning a date that involves shopping or purchasing an item directly from my Giftly wishlist. As my tastes are quite particular and my measurements nearly always require a tailor, I gently request not purchasing articles of clothing without my input ;).