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NEW FRIENDS: Please Read!

Due to a rise in attempts to film dates, all personal belongings (keys, water bottles, phones, etc) must be placed in a designated drawer or closet upon arrival or shortly after presenting the envelope.


If access to your phone is necessary during our date, I may need to inspect the phone or place it in another designated area.


I appreciate you doing this without my asking.


Items beyond clothing may not be left in the bathroom. 


There is nothing quite as appealing as a freshly showered man with minty breath :). You're always welcome to shower and freshen up at my incall.  You'll notice that my bathroom is always stocked with ample mouthwash and mints.

Email + Text Etiquette 
Email is the best way to reach out and arrange dates. I ask for 24 hours to respond before following up unless we're confirming details of our upcoming date. 

Privacy & Discretion

This is worth repeating: privacy and discretion are my highest priorities. My photos are blurred for my privacy and safety.  Any requests for additional photos will be the end of our communication.  The same goes for the way I treat your personal information. I will never divulge your personal details or speak about our time together.


On dates, I prefer to blend into my surroundings, rather than attracting turned heads, curious ears, or camera phones.

If we ever cross paths in public, I will not acknowledge our friendship. 

I will always make the safest assumption: that you also expect discretion and that our relationship does not extend outside the confines of our booked time. I will never approach or acknowledge you outside of an arranged booking and gently request the same. 

Extended Dates & Overnight Etiquette

I so appreciate my adventure partners understanding that I require 7-8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep on overnights and access to caffeine on wakeup. While planning, please keep in mind that I typically start to lose my sparkle after midnight.

On trips of 24 hours and up, I require 8 hours of sleep per night. 


On extended weekends, I appreciate you keeping in mind that I need a few hours of solo time a day to maintain my fitness routine, attend to matters at home, and preserve my characteristically upbeat energy ;). 


When looking for the perfect accommodation for our multi-day trip, I've found weekends are most comfortable with 1.5 bathrooms and a spacious, suite-style room. I prefer accommodations with access to a gym.


When planning our itinerary, please keep in mind that I enjoy dressing to impress and require time to get ready for dinner or outings. For particularly active trips, I recommend planning downtime for both of us during the day. 

"What kinds of questions are inappropriate to ask?" : 

 I know these questions are rarely asked with malicious intent, so I'd like to prevent them ahead of time! 

To keep our time together fun & light-hearted, please avoid asking:  

"What is your real name?"

"What's your real job?" 

"Do you do (insert illegal service)?' 
"How many clients do you see per day/per week/per year?" 

"So... busy day today? When's your next client?"

 "What was your worst experience/client doing this?" 

"Will you go to dinner/coffee/lunch/vacation 'off the clock' since we get along so well?"

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