One Hour| $1,000


up to 2 hr | Introduction 



3 hr | Afternoon Tryst


4 hr | Dinner Date*






6 hr | Tasting Menu & a Nightcap 


14 hrs / 16 hrs | Breakfast in Bed

$5,000 / $5,500

24-hr | Escape


48-hr | Weekend Excursion 



All dates longer than 3-hours are intended to include a shared meal or outing.

If there are privacy concerns, room service is always an option!

Need some ideas? Visit my Date Ideas page.



All dates with new friends require a non-refundable, $200 deposit which can be paid through one of several discreet methods.   If I have to cancel our date, your deposit will be refunded promptly. If you need to cancel our date, the deposit can be applied to a future date... 

Dates longer than 6-hours from new friends  require a 50%  deposit, paid by credit card.

Why a deposit? You would be amazed how many car accidents, COVID infections, and parent deaths stopped happening when I started requiring this nominal fee. 

Vacations, Excursions, & Weekends Away

Reach out to discuss and please take a peek at the Etiquette page! In general, dates longer than 24+ hours are reserved for established friends. 

Fly (or Train!) Me-to-You 

For both East Coast & West Coast excursions, please plan for a 14+ hour date, 25% deposit, and all first/business-class train or airfare paid in advance. 

In-Date Extensions (+$1,000/hr)

If my schedule allows, I'd be glad to extend our time together! As extending often requires rearranging other responsibilities and commitments, I offer in-date extensions for an additional $1,000/hr.  


I absolutely adore seeing couples! So that we can all have a chance to get to know each other and get comfortable, please plan for a 2hr minimum date and add $300 to the total donation.


 Grandfathered Rate 

All clients I've seen within the past year will be grandfathered in at the previous rate. If you booked our date prior to my July 2021 rate increase, you will also be grandfathered.

 Same Day-Appointments 
I have a full-time job and life outside of  the time I spend with benefactors, meaning that I am not able to offer same day appointments.  I  recommend reaching out as far in advance as possible as your schedule allows, with 1-2 weeks being ideal. 1-2 months in suggested for overnights.

Cancellation Policy 

I understand -- things happen! However,  just like any valuable specialist you might seek out (your doctor, hair stylist, massage therapist), I require 24-hours notice for all cancellations.

Cancellations made with less than 24-hours notice incur a $200 fee. With less than 12 hours, a fee equivalent to 50% of the total donation. 

Extended Date Cancellation Policy 
For all overnight+, I require 48 hours notice for cancellations. In the event you have to cancel with less than 48-hours, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the total. With more than 48-hours notice, your deposit can be applied to a future date booked within 6 months of the original date. 

Please keep in mind, due to my  limited time and availability, as well as my desire to be in my most rested and energized state, I have limited availability for extended dates.

First Timers & Curious Lurkers

Welcome! I'm so flattered you're considering diving into this world with me! I suggest all new friends carefully review my website -- particularly my FAQ and Etiquette pages. My Twitter & Curious Cat(archived) are other good sources for getting a sense of whether we'll get along!

While I am extremely selective about whom I spend time with, I will never discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, size, or ability.