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Travel & Long-Term

Vacations, Excursions, & Weekends Away

Reach out to discuss and please take a peek at the Etiquette page! In general, dates longer than 24 hours are reserved for established friends. ​

Semi-Exclusive Arrangements


3-month minimum commitment  

Exclusive Arrangement


3-month minimum commitment  

Business-Trip Paramour 

Hoping for someone to join you while on business in London or... Des Moines.. but only have a few hours to spare every day? Bring me along to discreetly join you between your meetings-- send you off before work-- or grab dinner after a long day :).

Bespoke rates available, please inquire; separate room and accommodation required. A separate hotel is possible for additional discretion. 


Please plan for a 14+ hour date, 25% deposit, and all transportation paid in advance. ​Travel fees of $100/hour may apply.

Plan My Tour 

Not able to slip away for long enough to justify a FMTY? 


For certain cities, I will plan my tour around prebookings of 6+ hours and up (50% deposit required) with 1-month+  notice. No travel reimbursement required.

Eligible cities include: NYC, DC, SF,  Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, and Philadelphia.

The Fine Print


All dates require a $250 deposit, which may be paid through several discreet methods. 

Deposits for Extended Dates

Dates 6 hours and up requested by new friends require a 50%  deposit,  paid by credit card.​

Age Minimum 

I do not see clients younger than 30 and don't make exceptions. 

In-Date Extensions (+$1,000/hr)

If my schedule allows, I'd be glad to extend our time together! As extending often requires rearranging other responsibilities and commitments, I offer in-date extensions for an additional $1,000/hr.  


I absolutely adore seeing couples! So that we can all have a chance to get to know each other and get comfortable, please plan for a 2hr minimum date and add $300 to the total donation.


I understand,  things happen! However, as a low-volume companion with availability offered only 1x-mo, I require 48 hours notice for all cancellations. If your schedule is unpredictable and doesn't allow this kind of notice, I suggest a local companion with more flexibility.


Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice incur a 100% fee.

With less than 48-hours hours, 50% of the total donation. 


Extended Date Cancellations
For all overnight+ dates, 1-week notice is required for cancellations.


With less than 1-weeks notice, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the total booking. 

With less than 72-hours notice, 100% of the total booking.

Advance Booking Deposits + Cancellations

I am a fan of advanced bookings! However, as someone with a busy schedule, limited availability, and very full social life-- I plan my life and date availability according to these bookings 

When dates are booked 1-month+ in advance, a 50% deposit is required. The 50% deposit is non-refundable. 

First Timers & Curious Lurkers

Welcome! I'm so flattered you're considering diving into this world with me! I suggest all new friends carefully review my website -- particularly my FAQ and Etiquette pages. My Twitter & Curious Cat are other good sources for getting a sense of whether we'll get along!

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