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One Hour 

Offered at My Discretion, Rates Vary By City Inquire

Introduction - 1.5 Hours


Taste - 2 hours

Lunch Date - 3 Hours 



Dinner Date -  ​4hours


Dinner & a Show - 6hour



8hrs | Daytime Adventure



14/16 Hour Overnight 
$6,000/6,500 ​




Each additional day


Travel & Long-Term

Vacations, Excursions, & Weekends Away

Reach out to discuss and please take a peek at the Etiquette page! Dates longer than 24 hours are reserved for established friends. ​

Semi-Exclusive Arrangements

starting at $25,000/mo 

3-month minimum 

Travel expenses are a flat rate for all FMTY and are meant to account for all travel-related expenses.


NE-Corridor/Chicago (6h-minimum)

Less than an overnight, add $1000  to the donation. 
For overnights+ add $600 to the donation.

West Coast: Please plan for an overnight+ date, 50% deposit, and add $1500  to the donation. 

Plan My Tour 

Not able to slip away for long enough to justify a FMTY? 


For certain cities, I will plan my tour around prebookings of 6+ hours and up (50% deposit required) with 1-month+  notice + $300 travel cost. 

Eligible cities include: DC, SF,  Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

The Fine Print

Grandfathered Rates 

My recent rate increase reflects my increasingly limited availability and increased hotel/travel prices. As a result, I am rarely able to grandfather at my old rates. Grandfathering will only be honored with multiple-date commitments paid up-front. 


All dates require a $250 deposit, which may be paid through several discreet methods.


Higher deposits may be required for dates 6h and longer or if there have been prior cancellations. Deposits are non-refundable unless I have to reschedule the date. 

Age Minimum 

I do not see clients younger than 30 and don't make exceptions.  I wil find out if you lie to me and I will not be happy ;). 

I prefer to meet men 35+. I will make exceptions for those with 2 recent references from reputable providers.

In-Date Extensions (+$1,000/hr)

If my schedule allows, I'd be glad to extend our time together! As extending often requires rearranging other commitments, I offer in-date extensions at +$1,000/hr.  


I absolutely adore seeing couples! So that we can all have a chance to get to know each other and get comfortable, please plan for a 2hr minimum date and add $500 to the total fee.

Cancellations (NYC)

Why did I have to make the most complex cancellation policy of all time?! Please see below to see where you fall... it is intended to be fair and ensure that touring still makes sense for me  :).


When meeting in my home base, I have a slightly more relaxed cancellation policy.  Cancellation fees must be paid within 24 hours. 

Less than 48-hours, deposit is nonrefundable. 

Less than 24-hours, 50% or rescheduled within the week.

Less than 12-hours, 100%. 


Cancellations (Touring) 

Deposit is non-refundable for all touring engagements. 

Less than 72-hours, 50% 

Less than 24-hours, 100%

Extended Date Cancellations
For all overnight&up dates, 1-week notice is required for cancellation. 


Less than 1 week's notice, 50% of the total booking or rescheduled within 2 months. 

Less than 72 hours, 50% of the total booking or rescheduled within 1 month. 

Less than 48 hours, 50% of the total booking. 

Advance Booking Deposits + Cancellations

I am a fan of advanced bookings! If you're a new friend hoping to get on my calendar more than a month in advance, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. As always, the deposit will be refunded if I need to cancel.

First Timers & Curious Lurkers

Welcome! I'm so flattered you're considering diving into this world with me! I suggest all new friends carefully review my website, particularly my FAQ and Etiquette pages. My Twitter is another good source of whether we'll get along! 

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