Q & A

How should I present my donation? 
Let's take care of the donation right away, so that we can jump right into getting to  know each other!


-If we're meeting behind closed doors... please place your donation in the bathroom in an unsealed, unmarked envelope near the start of our date. This will also give you the chance to freshen up or pop one of my breath mints :). 

-If we have a public meeting planned...  And it's the first time we're meeting, present your donation in an unmarked envelope/card discreetly placed inside a giftbag or book. While this should go without saying, I will gently request that you not present me with an envelope in a public setting.

What will you be wearing when we meet?

 It depends where we're meeting! My wardrobe allows me to blend in nearly anywhere you have in mind. If you're coming to my incall, my default is a cocktail dress and heels.


For outcalls and public outings, discretion is always my main priority, and I aim to blend in. Depending on the season, time of day, and even the city our date is taking place is, I will arrive in modest clothing that suits the environment and occasion-- typically business-casual chic or "date night" casual attire. 


"East Coast-based?" Where do you live.. anyway?

 As of April 2021, I am no longer based in any metropolitan area. I am available when visiting cities (see my newsletter!) and for limited FMTY. For now,  I spend time in DC and NYC every 1-3 months. 

Do you take special outfit requests?

If I have it in my closet, absolutely


Please note that there are respectful ways to make outfit requests. The best kinds of outfit requests are general. For example, feel free too let me know there's a specific color you like or if you have a category of attire in mind, like casual/jeans, cocktail dress, thigh-highs/garter, Lululemon, etc.

Hyper-specific outfit requests will only be accommodated alongside a shopping date ;). 


What should I bring to our date? 

 Unless you have special requests, you just need to bring yourself. If we're spending more than an hour together, drinks to start the evening can be a good idea. 


Can I bring a gift? 

Gifts are always fun! Pop over to my wishlist for ideas.

 What do you like to drink/eat?
Drink: Wine is my favorite! Bubbles always work, and I also enjoy big, bold reds or crisp, bright white wines (yep, I'm giving you the ideal language for the wine-store guy!). When the occasion calls for it... I opt for top-shelf tequila. 


Food:  I would strongly prefer that you not bring sweets to our dates (even "healthy" ones!).  Between my annoying, Type-A devotion to a healthy lifestyle and a couple of serious food allergies, I will decline to indulge in sweets and would hate for your lovely gesture to go to waste.  If you'd like to bring snacks... fresh fruit, nuts, or charcuterie will be devoured!


Are there any types of cuisines you don't like? 
Don't be too afraid of those allergies! I can eat at almost every restaurant. Unfortunately, Chinese and Japanese are difficult for me.

What forms of payments do you take? Do you take electronic payments? 

For all new clients, I only accept cash. Please inquire into electronic payment options if interested

Where is your incall located? 

I do not have a permanent incall. I host from upscale, centrally-located hotels.

 Do you have any friends you could introduce me to? 

 Yes! Please contact me to discuss :) 

Do you have an age minimum or maximum? 

 I do not have an age maximum, but I do not see anyone my age, or younger than me (under 28!)


In addition, I apply extra screening to potential dates under 35. If you're under 35 and hoping to meet me, requests for dates of 4+ hours suggest that we may be compatible.


Why? I keep my circle very small, and only see those clients that I am most compatible with. While I've met many wonderful men in this world younger than 35, I have usually found that this group is seeking a purely physical, "PSE" experience.  While there's nothing wrong with seeking a purely physical experience, it's not where I've found this most enjoyment in this world.

 Are you newbie-friendly?

Absolutely. My suggestion would be to read my site thoroughly and do a bit of research before reaching out. Friendly reminder that ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse for engaging in disrespectful or inappropriate behavior.  

I'm totally new to this; how long of a date should I plan for?!
My most common date length is 4-6 hours.  These dates, even on a first meeting, allows our date to unfold naturally, giving us a leisurely pace to build chemistry over a meal or activity.

For me, the word "companion," or, the idea of the "girlfriend experience" aren't euphemisms. Instead, they accurately describe the experience I offer, and what suitors who choose to see me again and again typically describe as what they love most about our time together.  Our dates will feel casual, natural, and unscripted.

Of course, many don't feel comfortable investing that much time right off the bat-- "what if we don't click?!" I totally get that! But, I'll offer that, in my experience... if you've read my website, my Twitter, and my Curious Cat: you have a full sense of my personality. Feel free to start with the 2-hour date, because I know you'll want to do longer on our second date, anyway ;).