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Nice to meet you,
I'm Chelsea

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Beyond the Blur 


About Me 

My closest friends describe me as warm, adventurous, and endlessly inquisitive.  A people-person through and through,  I'm often told by relative strangers that they feel like they've known me forever.  I suppose my love of people and their stories originally drew me to companionship. 

Originally a West Coast girl, I spent my 20s on the East Coast, earning two degrees and stamping my passport in 15 countries. Somewhere along the way, I dipped my toes into this world. 

These days, I live in an oh-so-mysterious town between the coasts, immersed in my  full-time career (March '24 update: temporarily based in NYC again). 

When I'm not in the office or hopping on a flight, I spend my time looking extremely adorable in yoga pants, soaking up as much sunshine as possible, and learning about whatever my current obsession is (it'll be different by the time you meet me). I am a lover of excellence and quality of all kinds and thoroughly enjoy the chase of finding the best wine, food, and experiences. 

About You 

My suitors come from many walks of life, but those I've clicked with most tend to be lovers of late-night conversation, travel, excellent restaurants, and making a good itinerary. They are older than 30, successful, busy, hyper-respectful, and tend to start browsing Twitte-verse with a desire for something more out of life.

About Us 

Leisurely dinners where calories don't matter, mornings that start with mimosas & hot-stone massages, and crisp afternoons spent hopping from gallery to gallery. 


Stats & Faves

Age: 30


Height: 5'5 (but often 5'9 in heels)

Measurements: 34D-26-39; Athletic Hourglass 

Coffee Order: Cold Brew (strong) & Oat 


Season: Crisp  Autumn Day in the Northeast 


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