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Oh, hey! 

Nice to meet you, I'm Chelsea.

About Me

Originally a West Coast girl, I spent my 20s on the East Coast, earning 2 degrees, stamping my passport in 15 countries, and enjoying way too many late Manhattan nights. Somewhere along the way, I dipped my toes into companionship.


These days, I live in an oh-so-mysterious town between the coasts. Most of my time is spent immersed in a full-time career and personal life I truly love-- a gift that this world has allowed me to pursue. 

My closest friends describe me as warm, adventurous, and endlessly inquisitive. A "people-person" through and through, it's not unusual for strangers to tell me their life stories within minutes of meeting me. I suppose that's part of what's made me love companionship. 

About You 

I spend my time with a small circle of men  I truly connect with. The gentlemen I get along with best are typically looking for quality over quantity and someone to build an ongoing connection with.

My suitors come from many walks of life, but those I've clicked with most tend to be lovers of late-night conversation, travel, excellent restaurants, and making a good itinerary. They are older than 30, successful, busy, hyper-respectful, and tend to start browsing the Twitter-verse with a desire for something more out of life.

About Us 

Our time together is an escape from the monotony of never-ending calendar notifications, late nights, and a 9-5 that's become more like 9-9. 


It's choosing to carve out a few hours (or a few days) where your day-to-day concerns no longer exist.


Together, our only concerns are pure indulgence-- leisurely dinners where calories don't matter, mornings that start with hot-stone massages and mimosas, and crisp afternoons spent hopping from gallery to gallery. 


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