I know, I know... This is not nearly as fun as the Gallery page. However, to make sure we have the same expectations for our time together, I ask that all new friends review below prior to our date.


Hygiene is of the utmost importance.  It goes a long way in making a great first impression while demonstrating your respect for my comfort. Good hygiene also ensures we will meet again. There is nothing quite as appealing as a freshly showered man with minty breath :).


You're always welcome to shower and freshen up at my incall.  You'll notice that my bathroom is always stocked with ample mouthwash and mints.


Let's take care of it right away! Please, don't put me in the uncomfortable position of having to interrupt our conversation to ask.


If we're meeting behind closed doors... please place your donation in the bathroom in an unmarked envelope. 

If we're meeting in public... please place your envelope inside a gift-bag or other innocuous item and present the donation soon after meeting. And... please do not ever hand me or present me an envelope while we're in public :)


This is worth repeating: privacy and discretion are my highest priorities. My photos online are blurred for my privacy and safety.  Any requests for additional photos will be denied and the end of our contact.  This also goes for the way I treat your personal information. I will never share your personal details or speak about our time together with anyone else. I ask for the same level of discretion in return.

Extended Dates & Overnight Etiquette

I so appreciate my adventure-partners understanding that I require 6-8 hours of uninterrupted  beauty sleep on overnights, as well as access to caffeine upon wakeup.

On trips longer than 24-hours, I require 2-hours of solo-time a day to tend to maintain my fitness regiment and recharge my characteristic bubbly-energy battery ;). 


If we ever cross paths in public, I will not acknowledge our friendship.

I will always make the safe assumption that you would prefer I not approach or acknowledge you, and I kindly ask for the same discretion.  While you may have a handy explanation for a bystander, I'd prefer we not test my acting chops!

"What kinds of questions are inappropriate to ask?" :

Alright! A touch of FAQ has made it to the etiquette page. Since I know these common questions are rarely asked with malicious intent, I'd like to preemptively prevent them. 

To keep our time together fun & light-hearted, please avoid asking:  

"What is your real name?"
"Do you do (insert illegal service)?' 
"How many clients do you see per day/per week/per year?"

"So... busy day today? When's your next client?"

 "What was your worst experience/client doing this?"

"Will you go to dinner/coffee/lunch/vacation 'off the clock' since we get also so well?"


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