Why, hello there...

If you're like me, you're here seeking something more. 


There’s a point at which our everyday lives encroach on our need for adventure. Our need for experiences that quicken our breath, flush our
cheeks, and make our hearts skip a beat.


I know this need intimately -- because I too once lived the 9-5 grind.  A life full of calendar notifications, conference calls, and spending the entirety of my day working towards goals I was never satisfied by. I was so focused on achieving that I’d forgotten that passion, drive, and energy have to be tended to and replenished, lest they be lost.


I'll guess that, like me, that's also how you ended up here. And, finally, you're ready to rediscover parts of yourself that have long been buried or pushed aside... You're ready to explore parts unknown, and all you need is a hand to show you the way.


Let’s indulge one another’s needs and desires. Whether we spend an evening getting to know each other  at a new restaurant with a bottle of Burgundy (or two!) or a whirlwind weekend discovering a new port of call - together -- we’ll create our own escape.


So... what are you waiting for?