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25 years old 

34D / 27 / 34

Based in NYC 






About Chelsea 

Born and raised in a laid-back West Coast town, from a young age I set my sights on places more vibrant, lively, and avant-garde.


Places where I could expand my worldview, languish over long dinners, hop from happy hour to gallery opening, and meet interesting people along the way. Eventually, I found my way to the most vibrant city in the world. New York became my home very quickly—it’s rushing pulse never failing to light me up. 

Since the world has gone more remote, I've recently relocated to somewhere a bit quieter somewhere between the coasts. 

My personality is most often described bubbly, warm, and down-to-earth. However, if you spend any longer with me, you'll be forced to contend with my snappier banter and sarcasm. 

Our Time Together 

And you...? 

The suitors I spend the most time with are hardly one-dimensional. 

However, I'd say most are... Open-Minded. Driven. Indulgent. Intellectually Curious. Respectful. 

"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes, this makes planning my day difficult."

-E.B. White

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Relax & Decompress

Shoes to Shine

Make this your=

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Night on the Town

Lemon Detox


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Less is More

Take in an Exhibit at the Whitney, followed by a stroll on the High Line

 Getaway for the weekend, escape to Upstate New York for quieter or [xxx] for 



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